Geologically speaking, Russian Hill is one of several Hills in San Francisco. It is also happens to be a Neighborhood. The peak of Russian Hill is at the intersection of Lombard and Hyde streets. It is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in San Francisco, as hills tend to be.


Russian Hill's history dates back to San Francisco's Gold Rush, when workers found a small cemetery with gravestones inscribed in Russian. The cemetery was removed, and no large Russian community ever took up on the Hill, but the name persisted.


Russian Hill is most famous for Lombard Street, which is commonly known as the crookedest street in the world. The street was too steep for cars to drive, so the curved pathway was developed out of necessity. It's now one of the most famous tourist attractions in San Francisco.

Aside from the tourists on Lombard, Russian Hill is a very residential, quiet neighborhood. The views from the tops of the hill give breathtaking views to Alcatraz and the Bay.


A busy cable car line on Hyde Street takes tourists and locals to restaurants and shops in Russian Hill and nearby Nob Hill.



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