Sam Wo's beautiful sign, (taken from

813 Washington Street
Monday - Saturday, 11 AM - 3 AM
David Ho
Price range
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards

Awesome dirt-cheap Chinese restauraunt, perfect for late night dining (open til 3 AM). It's small, but they are fast (food is transported to the from the kitchen to the second floor via a pulley system!). Most of the entrees are less than $10 and the portions are usually huge.

Sam Wo became famous for the rudest waiter in the world, Edsel Ford Fong, that worked there. He would mess up your order, insult your looks, order choice and made you bus your own table. Sadly Edsel passed away, but the rudeness and terrible service continues.

Sam Wo was closed on April 20, 2012 for health and food safety violations. Several of them are kitchen old, rodent infestation and improper food storage. When violations are fixed Sam Wo may reopen again.