St. Francis is a popular hipster morning hangover-hangout. (2007)

2801 24th Street , cross street York
8am-10pm daily
(415) 826-4200
Who owns St. Francis?
1918 by Nicholas Stratis
Price range
Payment Method
Cash, credit
Wheelchair accessibility
No stairs

St. Francis Fountain is an old-school diner in the heart of the Mission, on 24th Street. It's been around for ages, but has recently undergone a hipster transformation.

They have typical breakfast and lunch options, but the menu is quite extensive.

They have a large selection of vegetarian and vegan options, including the ability to make any shakes or floats vegan. However, many items such as homefries cannot be made vegan.

There is a section inside dedicated to selling nostalgic candies and pop-culture trading cards.

The wait can be quite long on Saturday or Sunday morning, but this wait-time has been cut down with the addition of outside dining when the weather allows.

Rumored to be owned by the same folks as Boogaloos (confirm?), which sports a similar breakfast crowd.

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