Like many cities, San Francisco uses some common themes to name groups of streets. See also: ABC Street Grids (for more alphabetical, less-themely street naming conventions).

Ladies of the Night

Mostly in SoMa.


For the Most Part, these streets run North-South through Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch. Alabama St. and Florida St. are located in the Mission.


Mostly in Bernal. Unconfirmed, but come on... Bessie?

Famous Cities

Mostly out in the Excelsior. I'll get to this later.

  • Amazon Ave
  • Athens St
  • Baltimore way
  • Brazil Ave
  • Brunswick St
  • Chicago Way
  • Cordova St
  • Dublin St
  • Edinburgh St
  • France Ave
  • Frankfort (Frankfurt) street
  • Geneva Ave
  • Hanover St
  • Italy Ave
  • Moscow St
  • Madrid St
  • Lisbon St
  • London St
  • Paris St
  • Persia Ave
  • Peru Ave
  • Prague St
  • Naples St
  • Russia Ave
  • Vienna St

Precious Minerals

The streets just east of Glen Canyon Park

  • Amber Drive
  • Amethyst Way
  • Diamond Heights
  • Diamond Street
  • Gold Mine Drive
  • Quartz Way
  • Topaz Way
  • Turquoise Way
  • Zircon Place