If you are a tenant in San Francisco, a lot of people have got your back.

Here's a short guide to the basics of your rights as a tenant.

Quick links:

Tenant advocates

If you're a tenant who needs help or advice with a housing or landlord issue, the San Francisco Tenants Union is a good place to go for help.

The San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition is a network of community organizations that advocate for the rights of tenants. Some of them do direct outreach work, such as the San Francisco Tenants Union. Others, like the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, raise awareness about systemic displacement by bad actors through visualizations of data and community storytelling.

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City and County Resources


Here is a list of city and county departments that do housing stuff.

Housing policy

Below is a list with some policy resources. Your help is needed to contribute to these articles! The best place on the Internet by far to find these things is probably the San Francisco Tenants Union website.

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Gentrification and displacement

Below is a growing list of articles on gentrification and the displacement of San Francisco residents. A lot of these talk about what's going on now, and others about past examples of gentrification. Some of these articles come from a historical angle, giving insight into major decisions made by the city, urban planners, business, and other powerful actors. You can also find more information in the Gentrification Portal.

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