Treasure Island is an artificially created island in the San Francisco Bay that is adjacent to Yerba Buena Island, which intersects the Bay Bridge. Treasure Island was formerly home to a naval base, and now is host to a number of residences. It is serviced 24 hours a day by Muni bus 108.

There's a number of large warehouses on Treasure Island, and movies are routinely filmed there (such as What Dreams May Come).

In 2007, the island emerged from a ten-year, post Cold War slumber to host the Treasure Island Music Festival, attended by 10,000 and headlined by Modest Mouse and Thievery Corporation.

The Nazi-era Berlin Airport in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark was filmed at Building One, an art-deco airport terminal built for the Golden Gate Expo and intended to become part of an international airport that never materialized.

Three seasons of BattleBots were filmed on Treasure Island.

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