Essential Information: 

Location: 1600 Holloway Ave, North State Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132

Hours: 24/7

Contact Information: 

    Non-emergency: (415) 338-7200

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Emergency: 911 or (415) 338-2222


Mission Statement: 

“The San Francisco State University Police Department is a diverse organization that prides itself with delivering professional community policing with integrity and sensitivity.” 


The University Police Department is set in place in order to provide safety for students and staff to work, learn, and live. The services provided are… 

UPD counts 29 police officers, and 20 Community Service Specialists. 

Crime Prevention: 

The majority of crimes that occur on campus are stolen bicycles, laptops, cell phones, and backpacks. The items that are mostly stolen from vehicles are GPS’s, MP3 players, loose change, wallets, etc. While out it is advised to carry purses or bags close to your body, do not carry wallets or cellphones in your back pocket, and do not carry passports or important documents related to identity. Personal safety tips advised are to not walk alone at night, be aware of your surroundings, choose busy/ well-lit streets, be alert, trust your instincts, be aware that earphones connected to electronic devices while walking can be a distraction. 

Additional Information: 

Through the Instagram platform @sfstatepd, the community can stay alerted with updates and changes which occur on campus. UPD is also partnering with the community to make safety happen, and you can contact them through their non-emergency line (415)338-7200.