The Cesar Chavez Student Center has a number of shops, services, offices, conference rooms, student associations, and recreational spaces. Listed below are all the services and amenities of the student center, and what level they are located on. A full map of the student center can be found at this link to the associated students website. For a list of the eateries at the student center, please click here


The retail businesses located within the CCSC are: 

- SFSU Bookstore, Plaza Level ground floor, and Lower Conference Level basement 

- Lobby Shop, Plaza Level 

- Healthy U, Plaza Level 


Recreational and dining areas in the CCSC include: 

- Art Gallery 

- The Depot, Lower Conference Level 

- Rack-n-cue, Recreation and Dining Level 

- Recreation and Dining Level Arcade


University services offered in the CCSC comprised of: 

- Information Desk, Plaza level 

- Rosa Parks Conference Room(s) - Conference Level 

- Jack Adams Hall, Terrace Level 

- Rigoberta Menchu Hall, Terrace Level 

- Delm, Rodriguez Conference Room, Terrace Level 

- Richard Oaks Multicultural Center, Terrace Level 

- ROMC Reading Room, Terrace Level 

- T-128 Tech Services, Terrace Level 

- Campus Copy Center, Mezzanine Level 


Offices housed in the CCSC 

- Associated Student (A.S.) offices

   - A.S. Government, Mezzanine Level 

   - A.S. Information, Mezzanine Level 

   - A.S. Legal Resource Center, Mezzanine Level 

   - A.S. Performing Arts, Mezzanine Level 

   - A.S. Leadership Development Coordinator, Terrace Level 

   - A.S. Rebound Program, Terrace Level 

   - A.S. Women’s Center, Terrace Level 

- SFSU Bookstore Office and storage 


Student organizations:

- International Educ. Exchange Council, Terrace Level 

- Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano De Aztlan (MECHA) - Terrace Level 

- Pacific Islander Club, Terrace Level 

- S.F. Student Community Housing Org - Terrace Level 

- EROS (Education and Referral Org. for Sexuality) - Mezzanine Level 

- Asian Student Union (ASU) - Mezzanine Level 

- General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) - Mezzanine Level 

- Korean Student Association (KSA) - Mezzanine Level 

- Phillipino American Collegiate Endeavor (PACE) - Mezzanine Level 

- Queer Alliance, Mezzanine Level 

- African/Black Student Union (BSU) - Lower Conference Level 

- Chinese Evangelical Fellowship, Lower Conference Level 

- Fraternity/Sorority Council (FSC) - Lower Conference Level 

- Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) - Lower Conference Level 

- La Raza Student Association, Lower Conference Level 

- Muslim Student Association (MSA) - Lower Conference Level 

- Student Kouncil of Intertribal Nations (SKINS) - Lower Conference Level