What do you know about Department of Sociology and Sexuality Studies?

Department of Sociology and Sexuality Studies

Location: HSS 370

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am - 4:30pm (able to meet via Zoom)

Website: https://sxs.sfsu.edu/academics

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  (415) 338-1466

The Department of Sociology and Sexuality Studies offers undergraduate programs such as the LGBT Studies Minor Program, and Sexuality Studies Minor Program. In addition, they also provide a graduate program listed as The Master of Arts program in Sexuality Studies.

Classes such as Sexuality Studies can help educate those who want to understand the culture of LGBT+, learn about the history behind LGBT+, and work with issues involving human sexuality, and social justice for LGBT+. Although SFSU accommodates the LGBT+ community academic-wise, some would like to see LGBT-POC accommodated by offering studies specifically revolved around people of color within the LGBT+ community. 

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