Frontside of Mashouf Building                                                                  

Photo by: Jeremey Bittermann


Location: 755 Font Blvd., San Francisco, CA - 94132

Hours: Monday – Friday and Sunday: 6am-midnight

Saturday: 10am-9pm

Website URL:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @sfsu_campusrec

Phone: (415) 405-WELL (9355)

Additional Services:

Membership Information:


The Mashouf Wellness Center has an accessible gym providing all necessary gym equipment such as weights, treadmills and other exercise machines. This center also has a sauna room, swimming pools, a rock-climbing wall and a two-court gym to play basketball or other sports. There are also studios in this center that are used to carry out yoga, cycling, kickboxing, Zumba and a variety of other group exercise classes. 

Additional Services:

Personal training, massage, swim lessons, American Red Cross trainings & certifications, outdoor resource center, are all additional services offered at the Mashouf Wellness Center. Link above for details. 

Zen Den

Membership: If not an SFSU student, the Mashouf Wellness Center also provides memberships for others affiliated with the university. For membership qualifications, Link above for details. 

**Note: Due to COVID-19 crisis the Mashouf Wellness Center is temporarily closed.**

Entrance and rock climbing wall inside the Mashouf Wellness Center

Photo by: Jeremey Bittermann

Mashouf Wellness Center Floor Plan

Photo by: WRNS Studio


Upstairs track & training and downstairs basketball court  

Photo by: Jeremey Bittermann

 Mashouf Natatorium                                                        

Photo by: Jeremey Bittermann