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Hours: Mondays – Fridays : 6am – 12am

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             Sundays:10am – 12am

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E-Mail:  [email protected] (Paula Hsieh, Student-Athlete Academics Coordinator)

Phone:  (415) 338-3320


Annually, about 240 students participate in the athletic program at San Francisco State University. A total $1,041,754 is spent on men's sports programs by the SFSU and they received $1,062,725 in revenue. In addition, male athletes receive an average of $1,185 in sports related student aid. There are 5 head coaches who are supported by 5 assistant coaches and 10 of the 12 sports programs at SFSU pay for themselves.

The overall ranking of Men's Baseball is 141 of 235, Men's Basketball is 42 of 274 and Men's Soccer is 70 of 183. SFSU also provides its athletes with different facilities for numerous sports.

SFSU also provides its athletes with different facilities for numerous sports. Cox Stadium is used for soccer and track and field, Main Gymnasium is used for basketball and wrestling, SF State Softball Field, Golden Gate Park's Speedway Meadows is for cross country and Gator Conditioning Center is used by all student athletes for fitness and exercise.

You can also contact the Director of Athletics Stephanie Shrieve-Hawkins at (415) 338-7567 or via Email at [email protected]


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The SFSU Campus Gymnasium is located at the heart of campus. The venue is home to men's and women's basketball, volleyball, and men's wrestling. The building also houses the Athletics offices, team locker rooms, classrooms, and conference rooms.


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