PACE (@pacesfsu1967) | Twitter           

               Founded in 1967



Website: & 

Offices located: 2nd floor of Cesar Chavez

Amount of Members:

-Nearly 200 active members 

-500 total general members

Instagram: @/pacesfsu1967

Followers: 1,763+

Do you have to be Filipinx enable to join: No

consists of an entire KORE/Leadership positions;

 -2 internship coordinators

 -Internal Public Relations Coordinator

 -Political Affairs Coordinator

 -Finance Coordinator

 -Academics Coordinator

 -Cultural Coordinator 

 -Activities Coordinator

 -Kaisahan Coordinator

 -External Public Relations Coordinator

 -Hxstory Coordinator

 -Community Coordinator

Programs offered;

KuyAte Program

 Application based mentorship program which based on your application results, pairs you with a mentor or mentee best fit for you.

 Friendship Games

 Fostering community by practicing games and dances in preparation to compete at Cal State Fullerton in which students will represent SF State and mingle with other Filipino orgs within the CSUs and UCS.

Pilipinx Cultural Night (PCN)

A performance of Filipinx Culture told through traditional Filipinx song, dance, and acting! Consists of three shows!

Internship Program

10 week program which PACE’s KORE teach general members of their Filipinx roots and how to dig deeper within yourself.


-a majority of members are undergraduates

-monthly general meetings

-food and clubbing events/fundraisers


The Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor (PACE) was established by Pat Salaver in 1967 alongside fellow original members Bob Ilumin, Ronald Quidachay, Orvy Jundis, and Alex Sori. This club was established in hopes to establish community amongst Filipinx-Americans especially during a time of political and social chaos and turmoil. At this time San Francisco State was still referred to as San Francisco State College (SFSC). The demand for a curriculum of Ethnic Studies outraged students since POC’s weren’t learning about their own histories relative to them. This outraged students so members of PACE alongside other student organizations such as the Asian American Student Alliance, the African American Student Union, and Mexican American Student Union established what’s known as the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) in hopes to achieve Ethnic Studies. Students participated in the SF Student Strike, also known as being the longest student led strike to date which lasted from 1968-1969. It’s been about 45 years since these historical events that happened at this very campus that sparked remarkable change. To this day, PACE has been a thriving student-led organization, fostering community amongst students and the appreciation of Filipinx-American History. Even during the pandemic and online school, PACE has been easily accessible students. Students are not only able to seek the PACE wiki source but they offer an instagram page and send weekly emails to their members to keep them informed. PACE has adapted the club completely to be entirely functional online.