SFSU's Faculty Union and Administration don't always work so well as a team. Squabbles between SFSU Faculty Union and Administration are well documented. SFSU Faculty Union, in association with the Academic Professionals of California and California Faculty Association, have recently fought against systemic racism, pushed for more student and faculty housing, demanded workplace diversity, and protested budget cuts to the College of Ethnic Studies.

Evaluation: In July of 2020, Gator Express published a story about concerns raised over the mistreatment of Black students and Faculty members' both on-campus and  in university housing quarters. SFSU's Faculty Union has also recently addressed racial disparities in leadership within Administration ranks. Tensions have also boiled over housing, or lack thereof. Faculty and Administration have recently clashed over housing policy. Faculty members claims Administration officials used deceptive language in their housing contracts, and weren't notified of rent hikes. 

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