Upcoming Art Exhibits

Location:      Fine Arts Gallery

                        San Francisco State University

                        1600 Holloway Avenue, Room 238

                        San Francisco, CA 94132

Hours:           Tuesday through Friday, 11:00am – 4:00pm PST, and by appointment

Website:       https://gallery.sfsu.edu/content/contact

Email:           [email protected]

Phone:          (415) 338-6535

Resource:     https://gallery.sfsu.edu/events-upcoming

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San Francisco State University provides resources and a location for those who want to explore its students’ artwork. Exhibits are open to all students, faculty members as well as the public; General Admission is free. The exhibits are typically located in the SFSU Fine Arts building, but because of the current pandemic, many exhibits are postponed or can be viewed online.

San Francisco State University is dedicated to its students as well as the community. One way to exemplify this is to allow its students to display their artwork and showcasing them to its community and the public. Allowing students to do this will promote self-expression through their artwork. The purpose of the exhibits is to interpret and enhance what they learn. Furthermore, giving a sense of the meaning behind every piece, such as raising awareness about social justice.


Below you can find the number of upcoming exhibits as well as information for the events.

Number of upcoming exhibits: 1




Name of Exhibit:                    Platform speaker series: POSTCOMMODITY

Location:                                  Live - Zoom

Date and Time of Event:     Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 5:30pm PST

Event’s Page:                         https://gallery.sfsu.edu/events/2020/10/22/936-platform-speaker-series-postcommodity

Registration Link:                  https://fresnostate.zoom.us/j/99887549501