Founded: September 2019



Social Media:

Instagram: @sfsuvsa

Twitter: @sfsuvsa1

Location: Wherever Vietnamese Literature Class during Semester | Recently Founded | Use to meet at Malcom X to host activities | Meetings on zoom and discord

Number of current VSA general members: 13 Board Members, ~60 SFSU members, ~100 members including other schools since they allow them to join

VSA social club activities: General Member Meetings, Game Nights, Movie Nights, BLM Support, Norcal Wildfire Support, USPS Support

VSA programs: ACCE Program, Art Show, USPS Pals, Fundraisers

Summary: Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) provides a brave space and an outlet for Vietnamese and Vietnamese-Americans to learn more about their culture as well as having a voice within the community. There was a VSA in the past but it got shut down. However, they started up once again thanks to their president An Vo and her board, because they felt like they needed a place where students can come learn more about their culture since it was lacking in SFSU. VSA is also very inclusive to people of all ethnicities and cultures.

VSA is very easy to contact and they will usually get back to you as soon as they can, as well as showing all the activities and events they have to offer as it is also a great way of meeting new people and supporting social causes. They provide academic and social support to general members through these events.

VSA Mission Statement: "Our mission is to take the initiative to provide academic and social support to our general members by educating members about Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American culture. We promote the preservation of Vietnamese culture while offering a safe and inclusive space for all is the role that VSA plays. With a plethora of connections in academics and arts, members can feel free to express themselves while being educated on the bigger picture.

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