Information for Walk-on Athletes

Location: The Main Gym at Don Nasser Family Plaza 

Hours:  (Currently closed due to COVID-19) 


Non-recruited SFSU students who wish to join an Athletic program must Walk-on to be apart of the team.

Through the first website link provided, the athletic staff directory can be accessed. Find the sport you wish to join and email the head or assistant coach about your interest in walking-on to the team. From there, you will be given details on how your chances for joining will look like and if the coach says there's space they will give you the practice times for you to try out. *Be aware that majority of sports team have an almost full roster so there could potentially be no slots available for walk-ons*. 

*The main gym is where all the coaches offices are at but the gym is closed due to COVID-19. Coaches can only be contacted via email or #. When coaches are back in office it is recommended to follow up with them after sending them an email.*

With regard to the minimal space on SFSU sports teams, we are aware that many walk-ons that don't make the team would still like to participate in the sport they desire. Unfortunately, if one doesn't make the team he/she can not participate in practices or tournaments with the official SFSU sports teams. To remedy this problem, resourceful SFSU students throughout the years have developed sports clubs. This allows any SFSU student to join a sport with a community behind it and without worry of making the team as any student that wishes to join is already granted access. Many of the clubs at SFSU already have organized practices and competitions with clubs from other schools. To find a sports club at SFSU, use the second website link provided. This link will take you to the GatorXperience page with a large search bar in the middle. Type in whatever sport interest you and contact the club. There are no restrictions to how many clubs you can join.