The Value Chain Cluster Initiative (VC2) is a non-profit food-based business accellerator based in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. It is a project of the Natural Capital Investment Fund

General About the Organization/Mission

The Value Chain Cluster (VC2) Initiative provides hands-on business development and coaching services to strengthen local food and farm businesses in four regions of West Virginia. Farmers living in one of 17 eligible counties who are a new or existing producers, processors, aggregators or distributors of local food, can apply for various types of technical assistance.

Basic Info

VC2 creates jobs by investing in one of West Virginia’s most promising industries: the production, processing, aggregation, and distribution of local food. The core strategy of the program is to build profitable, equitable, supply chains that create jobs by moving more local food from farm to table. VC2 will provide hands-on technical assistance,  coaching, and access to capital for food and farm businesses, while fostering new sales connections and building a supportive network of these businesses across the state. 

Type of Organization Non-profit, Local Food 

Primary Contact

Jill Young

Phone: (304) 661-4951
Email[email protected]

Social Media

Issues of Focus 

  • Local Food Production
  • Local Food Processing
  • Local Food Aggregation and Distribution
  • Job Creation
  • Capital Access

Service Area

VC2 serve four regional multi-county clusters covering a total of 17 counties, or about a third of West Virginia:

Cluster Name
Doddridge-Tyler-Ritchie-Gilmer Doddridge, Tyler, Ritchie, and Gilmer
Tygart Valley Barbour, Preston, Randolph, Tucker, and Upshur
Greenbrier Valley Fayette, Greenbrier, Monroe, and Pocahontas
Mid-Ohio Valley Calhoun, Clay, Roane, and Wirt

History of Organization

VC2 is funded through the Rural Jobs Accelerator program, the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, and a host of other partners. It is a project of the Natural Capital Investment Fund. 

Programs and Projects 

Tools & Resources

VC2 provides a host of resource material through their website, including information on:

  • Production Planning for Profitable Four Season Production
  •  Coordinating Production Planning for Groups
  • Electronic Media Training
  • Farm Labor Resources
  • Marketing Resources
  • Accounting/Recordkeeping Resources
  • New Business Resources


VC2 regularly partners with other service providers, including the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition, West Virginia Farmers Market Association, and WVU Extension Service to provide networking and education opportunities for food business owners. 

Technical Assistance

VC2 provides targeted technical assistance to businesses working to expand or raise capital. 

Partners and Frequent Collaborators