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This is a collaborative, community-driven effort to share the local knowledge about the South Jordan, Utah area. You're invited to share what you know about the South Jordan area with the community! It's a guide written by YOU.

It's a bit like Wikipedia, but much more relaxed - your personal knowledge is valid to add here, as well as information from news articles, library archives, and other sources. This wiki can include history, culture, politics, governance, art, architecture, geology, food - anything we want to share.

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You can edit any page by clicking the Edit button near the article's title, and you can start a new article using "I want to make a page about" above. Check out How to Contribute and Articles People Want for suggestions for this wiki, but also feel free to ignore all of that and write whatever you like - be bold!

Your contributions will help make this the wiki even more useful. Can't find a page on something? Make one! The power is at your fingertips. Get started by making contributions or just browse around and enjoy.

Any questions? Join the South Jordan LocalWiki Help Group on Facebook. LocalWiki is a nonprofit organization that hosts wikis like this one for free (help support it!), and volunteers run and edit the wikis.

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