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Heidi Luksa, [email protected]

Devonshire Preschool is committed to the ideal that each child is special and unique. In this spirit, we are dedicated to provide an environment that is nurturing and fosters each child's growth and development. It is crucial to us that every child has a positive experience in our program and that they are met with success and approval. In this setting we strive to enhance the self-esteem of our students as we offer them a variety of new experiences and opportunities for social growth.


Illinois DCFS


3 to 4 years


Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm(part-time program for 3's and 4's, full-time program for 4's)




Devonshire Cultural Center


"Our preschool program is structured with a daily routine to provide an atmosphere of security and an order of sequence for the children. However, our schedule can vary according to special events, our unit of concentration and the various needs of the children. Teachers post a weekly plan sheet so parents are kept informed of weekly themes. A monthly newsletter keeps parents notified of school events and classroom happenings."

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