8000 East Prairie Rd.
Skokie, IL 60076
847-673-1565 (fax)

At McCracken, we pride ourselves on being ready, respectful and responsible at all times. Our faculty is well-educated and quite dedicated, and students will receive an educational experience like no other when they are here!

Aside from our strong and varied academic programs, there are plenty of opportunities for students to participate in school life. Whether it is playing in our award-winning bands, singing with highly regarded choirs, participating in the play, working on Science Olympiad, or engaging in an afterschool sport, McCracken students are well-rounded and enjoy their time here.

McCracken is a special place, because in every sense of the word, it is a community. Teachers interact with students not just in the classroom to deliver instruction, but also outside of the classroom. Walking through the halls here gives you the feeling that everyone knows each other, and cares about each other. Our diversity is another aspect of the school of which we are so very proud. Students in our school speak over 50 different languages at home, and we are interested in every student (and family's) background.

Although no website can truly encapsulate the experience of being at school, we invite you to look through our website, visit teacher web pages, and explore. Your children are benefitting from not only an appropriately rigorous and challenging academic curriculum, but from a rewarding overall educational experience.