5201 W. Howard St.
Skokie, IL 60077

"The preschool's mission is to provide a safe, warm, and nurturing Torah environment which allows children to express themselves and discover the world around them. The educational goal of Cheder Lubavitch is to inculcate the students with the warmth and love of the traditional Yiddish “cheder,” while utilizing state-of-the-art teaching techniques, thus maximizing each child's development. We use Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences as the base to form lesson plans in the preschool. The children learn the Jewish holidays, the parsha (Torah portion of the week), and various units during the school year."




2 to 5 years


Monday through Friday from 8:45am to 12:30pm







Role-playing, experiential learning, quiet time, creative and stimulating activities, reading, music, sensory activities, movement, and many other activities that allow each child to stretch the neural networks of the brain at a time when children are capable of learning and growing at rapid rates.

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"Through respect, affection, and enthusiasm, we instill a Chassidishe love for Yiddishkeit, Torah, Mitzvos, and our fellow Jews."