One of the loveliest pockets in this part of town! If you are just getting off the bus, grabbing a Coffee from Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe, or ordering a sando from Gus's Grocery, take the time to wander over and People Watch from this park. There is always plenty of sun too!


It is San Luis Obispo's first park. According to Morrison & Haydon's History of San Luis Obispo County and Environs (1917):

The city lacks a park. All it has to call one is a very small triangle near the Southern Pacific depot which the Civic Club of ladies has so far tried to care for. It is called “El Triangulo,” to be Spanish, and interesting to tourists. This little park is now to be greatly improved by the Civic Club...

Mrs. Ida G. Stowe owned considerable property in that locality. When she laid it out in town lots this little three-cornered piece was donated by her to the town for a plaza. Someone set out the palms that have since grown to such good size, and the pepper trees were set at the same time; but no systematic care was given the plot and it degenerated into a weed patch, where tramps camped and loose stock used the pepper trees for shade. Very soon after the Civic Club was organized [1909], it assumed care of the place, calling it El Triangulo, Spanish for triangle. They put in walks and seats, planted geraniums and roses, had grass sown and spent considerable money upon it. The city for a time paid a caretaker part salary; but at present it is only seven dollars per month, so of course the park got to looking seedy.

The club is now determined to put the place in good shape and hopes to keep it so. New seats, a drinking fountain and better care to be at once attended to. As it has been, under the care of the club, it has furnished a pleasant resting place for weary men, and on sunny days its seats are usually all occupied.

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