The House of Bagels Dumpster is an excellent source or free, clean, and mostly fresh bagels whenever you're craving a free snack or working hard to satisfy your grumbling tummy on an empty wallet.  Dumpster Diving the House of Bagels dumpster is honestly the easiest dumpster in SLO.  

Location of the Dumpster:

The dumpster is located on the left side of the building which House of Bagels is situated in.  There are two dumpsters next to eachother, the bagels were located in dumpster on the left.  


Diving the Dumpster:

Be sure to dive at night for maximum discretion.  When diving, look for the bagels in plastic bags.  Can you believe that?!  House of Bagels actually put their leftover bagels in clear plastic bags before they throw them in the dumpster.  It's almost like they this just for dumpster divers.  Amazing.  

Enjoy your free bagels and happy diving!

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