Próxima Parada

Bryson Bailey-Lead guitar, vocals, percussion
Kevin Middlekauff-mandolin, banjo, percussion, guitar
Nick Larson-vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin, banjo

Andy Olson- drums & percussion

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It all started with the discovery of freedom way back when, and the invention of brass allowed them to fashion their unique sound. The band formed as a result of five simultaneous orgasms that could be heard all the way down to the Mississippi Delta, which was still shining like a national guitar. The first boy was the strongest and housed a keen intellect, and being red like the earth, he was called Clayton. Then gold came pouring from the sky until the brilliant hands of Bryson were built, and at his first breath, he laughed. Next came the beautiful goddess Myles, who was blessed with the sharp lungs of Aphrodite and the lips of a Las Vegas prostitute. Then the Gods sighed with relief after completing their most perfect gift for Earth, Kevin Middlekauff, who was given the patience of the great Bald Eagle along with his fierce talons, which made learning the guitar a markedly difficult task. Alas, the Gods threw down the remaining scraps to the dry Earth below, and the jumbled mass that chaotically assembled upon colliding created Nick Larson, a bleak and pathetic soul indeed. 

Not before long, the boys were men and the silence turned into harmony. Próxima Parada, the amalgamation of five male genitalia united under one common goal, was formed in January of 2012, which the world would soon decide to call year 0.

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  • Makes You Wanna - E.P. - Released April 12th, 2013

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