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TABLE WARE SHARE is the cheapest dish rental service in San Luis Obispo, CA of basically everything you need to host an event for whatever group size you have (up to 300). Prices start at a minimal price of $.10-.20/ each.

The goal: ZERO WASTE.  Rather than go out and buy plastic or paper plates, plastic cutlery, or wine glasses that are doomed for the landfill, rent all the assorted dishes you need.  Clean and return it for the next loan.  Corelle (175 white) and a huge selection of patterns; Melamine come in a vibrant selection of solid colors and patterns - perfect for casual events, picnics or themes.. Some plates are the same pattern, but more than 18 in a color or pattern.  Glassware: water, wine, champagne, margarita glasses. I am passionate to reduce landfill and trash from single-use disposables, and I get a big chill from doing this project for my community. Please email  <[email protected]>; call or text me to put this into use: 805-704-0148.

HOW THIS WORKS: contact me with your request - if I'm home you can pick it up same day. Use for your event, wash and return for the next loan. Dishes come in an easy to carry plastic tote w/handles. Arrange to pick up at your convenience - at my driveway and drop off when cleaned. Cleaning is by request $25/hour. Linens: napkins $.25/ea and tablecloths $8/ea.

I have mixed patterns of Corelle and Melamine dishes, stainless cutlery: wine glasses and napkins for your event.  (Inventory continues to improve with new 'finds')

- Corelle and Melamine plates: dinner, salad and dessert size; small bowls. Quantity 250 dinner size plates. Melamine are perfect for picnics and outdoor events.

- Stainless steel flatware: Matching sets: Butter Knife, Forks (dinner & salad); Spoons (soup and teaspoon) - up to 300 of each.

- Steak knives (patinum or black handle)

- Stemless and stem glass wine glasses (12 dozen of each), champagne, water glasses, wine, margarita

- Ceramic tea cups; coffee mugs - fun variety of patterns (150)

- Tablecloths - formal banquet rectangle and round in a variety of colors; Napkins - formal white and variety of colors; informal mixed variety

- Bin of utensils - a big variety of serving utensils: spoons, sharp knives, can and wine bottle openers, etc

- Acyrlic lg serving bowls; serving trays, fancy glass; tiered servers

- Beverage tubs, drink dispensers, water dispensers, pitchers, 40 cup coffee percolator; thermos dispensers

- Warming Chafer servers (sterno or candle) 

- Wine buffet plate - 9" acrylic (3 1/2 doz)

- Flower vases - stem and large; candle holders and tea lights

   I also promote - your DOB (Dine Out Bag) = Bring Your Own utensils. Create your own - get a bag with pockets at a thrift store or your closet. Put in a plate, mug, cutlery, wine glass and a piece of cloth to wipe your fingers.  

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