The Establishment (colloquially called "The Stab")10 is a community of 19 individuals who share an old hotel, which has been transformed into apartments, located in the Railroad District across from Gus's Grocery and Triangle park.

History of the building 

The current Establishment building at least the second building located on this site. 

In 1895, M. T. Brazil purchased the old Call Building, which had been located at 894 Monterey Street.7, 8He hired Forrester to move the building from Monterey Street to the Leff and Santa Barbara site. He renamed the building the "Chicago Hotel.".7, 8Two years later, the building burned down in February 1897.2,3 (This was at least the second hotel Brazil lost to fire--in 1894 he was the proprietor of the Azores Hotel, which was lost to fire9)

Brazil built a new structure to replace the destroyed building in the summer of 1897, which he continued to name the Chicago Hotel.1

In 1899 the hotel was taken charge of by G. N. Zumwalt, and in August 1899 he renamed the hotel as the Park View Hotel.4, 5

In the 1940s and 1950s the building is known as the Colonial Hotel, and by 1973 the building is referred to as the Establishment.


Jack Kerouac lived in the hotel in 1953.6

Addresses of the building

The address of the building was first listed as 103 Santa Barbara Ave., but by the 1970s the address is listed as 1703 Santa Barbara Avenue in the newspapers.



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