Founded in 2012, VertFoods is a Farm-to-Fork nourishment program that provides nutrient dense, ready-to-eat meals. We handcraft delicious, gourmet meals with live, real food and as little processing as possible — no chemical additives or preservatives, and no disguises. Meals are currently available at convenient pick-up locations in SLO. Call today to learn more and place your first VertFoods order today! 805.748.5121 or visit www.vertfoods.com. You can also find us at facebook.com/VertFoods

Nutrient Dense Foods

Nutrition is not about deprivation but about enjoyment. When you deny certain foods, you begin to hate your food and the process of eating. By adding high quality nutrition to your daily eating, you will eventually have no room for the less nutritious. You will begin craving the riches of the flavors and benefits of good nutrition. Vert believes in nourishing before detoxing. Because Vert Foods believes food should provide joy and nourishment, not guilt, we created a program that makes the joy of foods available in your home daily. Vert Foods is a nourishment program that provides nutrient dense meals ready to eat or with no hassle via a weekly pick up program. Vert Foods creates gourmet home-prepared food made from live, real food with as little processing as possible, no additives or chemical preservatives, or disguises, available for weekly pick-up.

How It Works

Vert Foods provides a changing bi-monthly menu for members. Each week you pick from the menu available and your pick will be made available at a designated location. Your weekly Vert Foods meal box will include reusable care packaging (non-toxic glass containers, care jars, etc). Each week you exchange your meal box for a new one including used containers.