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Glen Ellen, CA is an unincorporated village in the

Sonoma Valley, situated north of Eldridge and south of Kenwood along Arnold Drive and Warm Springs Road.

Glen Ellen/History

Published by Reynolds & Proctor, Santa Rosa, CA, 1898 The village of Glen Ellen is located at the confluence of Sonoma and Calabezas Creeks, which had served as the boundary between the Petaluma Rancho, granted to General Mariano Vallejo, Rancho los Guilicos, granted to John Wilson and his wife Ramona Carillo, and the Agua Caliente Rancho, granted to Alfarez (second lieutenant) Lázaro Piña.

Piña had served under the command of General Vallejo in Sonoma; during the Mexican-American War he was transferred to Mexico, where he died in action in 1847. His land was sold several times until it was purchased in 1859 by Colonel Charles V. Stuart.

Stuart originally named his ranch Glen Ellen for his wife, Ellen Stuart, but by the time the township of Glen Ellen was established in 1901 their home had been renamed "Glen Oaks Ranch" to avoid confusion. With its old stone buildings and virtually intact acreage, Glen Oaks appears to be the best-preserved historic agricultural property in the valley.

Joshua Chauvet was an early settler in Glen Ellen. He arrived in 1856 and played a major role in the development of the region. His grist mill and winery established what is known today as Jack London Village, and his brickyard was the source of many local buildings including the Chauvet Hotel. He helped Jack London to establish his Beauty Ranch; although they grew close over time their friendship was severely strained toward the end of his life by legal battles over water rights. Chauvet died in 1908.

Other early settlers included Dr. C. C. O'Donnell, who developed a popular resort, Charles Justi, proprietor of a Wells Fargo station and the first postmaster of Glen Ellen's post office, and the Hon. J. B. Warfield.

As the railroads began bringing weekend visitors from the San Francisco area several hotels of Glen Ellen were established, making local tourism as significant as the wineries.

From time to time many great writers have lived in Glen Ellen, including Jack London, MFK Fisher, and Hunter S. Thompson.

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