PO Box 35, Glen Ellen CA 95442
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Executive Director
Jim Shere
May 19, 1998

The mission of this Society is to encourage the participation of the people in the community to research, disseminate, preserve and celebrate the history of Glen Ellen. The history of Glen Ellen is not simply about what has happened; it is in fact about the soul of this place. As custodians of the past we undertake learning about the people who have lived here before us; as stewards of the future we remember their vision, in order that a better world can be provided for those who have yet to arrive.

A virtual online gallery of historical documents and photographs is in the works. Until that website is launched, take a look at our FaceBook page listed above; it's a fascinating place to watch what's being uploaded by our more than a hundred local fans.

We sponsor public presentations and publish a quarterly newsletter, "Tales of Glen Ellen". Annual dues for students and seniors are $15, for regular membership $25, for supporting and sponsoring membership $100, for lifetime membership $250, for fellow membership $500, and for patron membership, $1,000. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are of course tax-deductible. Make your check out to the Glen Ellen Historical Society, and mail it to GEHS, PO Box 35, Glen Ellen CA 95442.

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