There are probably many of us who know one corner or another of our very colorful history, stories that might be unknown to others. This wiki is a good place to begin sharing what it is we know. Historical graphics and photographs can be uploaded here, as well as corrections and additions to the valley history. This way we can accumulate a multidimensional archive, and make sure nothing is lost to posterity. If you haven't taken part in editing wikis before this, take time exploring the front page of this one. Please do take your time; there's a lot of valuable information to absorb, though it's really not very complicated. If you are willing to share your contact information and special interests I invite you to enter it into the roster below, in the service of our inheritance and our legacy. —jimshere

Roster of Local Historians

Jim Shere I am especially interested in the history of Jack London Village. If anyone has photographs, memorabilia or memories to share I'd be deeply appreciative. PO Box 2108, Glen Ellen CA 95442 (707) 935-3663 [email protected] Jim Shere's wiki page and user page.

Peter G. Meyerhof My interests and expertise concern the early history of Sonoma, especially the Bear Flag Revolt and California Republic, the transition from Mexican to American control, the gold rush, the first local printing press, and other topics. (707) 996-2657 [email protected] Peter Meyerhof's wiki page and user page.

Michael Acker My area of interest is the Springs, with particular empahsis on the Hwy 12 corridor. I am an artist and I'm creating a series of panoramic collages of the area. I am always looking for photographs and post cards to use in my work. (707) 939 6488 [email protected] Michael Acker's wiki page and user page.

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