Sonoma Valley Railroad 1

Founder Joseph S. Kohn
Founded Julv 24, 1878
Operated Julv 24, 1878 to August 7, 1885
Predecessor Sonoma Valley Prismoidal Railway
Disposition Consolidated with Sonoma & Santa Rosa Railroad
Successor Sonoma Valley Railroad

Sonoma Valley Railroad 2

Founder Unknown
Founded August 7, 1885
Operated August 7, 1885 to March 13, 1889
Predecessor Sonoma Valley Railway
Predecessor Sonoma & Santa Rosa Railroad
Disposition Sold
Successor San Francisco & North Pacific Railroad


On July 24, 1878, Joseph S. Kohn formed the Sonoma Valley Railroad to assume the assets of the now defunct Sonoma Valley Prismoidal Railway. The new company completed the acquisition a couple months later in September and began building a conventional narrow-gauge (3'-0') railroad. By 1879, Kohn had exhausted his funds and Peter Donahue of the San Francisco & North Pacific acquired a controlling interest in the line.1

Finally, on August 23, 1880, the Sonoma Valley Railroad was completed and spanned 15 miles from Sonoma Landing through Schellville and Vineburg to Sonoma.2 The railroad operated three locomotives, one Baldwin 0-4-2T and two Baldwin 4-4-Os, for which facilities were established in downtown Sonoma. In 1880 Sonoma's depot consisted of a station, car barns, engine house, turntable and water tank along with other buildings.

On August 7, 1885 the SVR was consolidated with the Sonoma & Santa Rosa Railroad and a new SVR was incorporated.

The SVR also operated a collection of barges, floats, tugs, and/or ferryboats and paid rental to the Marin & Napa Railroad for use of their line. They also own, in aggregate, 6,520 feet of trestles.

The first published timetable (according to Robertson) was November 5, 1883:

9:00 a.m. Sonoma Landing 4:30
10:00 Sonoma 3:30
10:35 Glen Ellen 3:10 p.m.

The general office was at No. 410 Mission Street, San Francisco.

Lines and Depots

The 1889 Annual Report of the CA Board of Railroad Commissioners indicates the SVR operating:

The 1891 Annual Report of the CA Board of Railroad Commissioners indicates the SVR had 21.43 miles of railroad which was opened on August 23, 1880.

The Annual Report of ??? also identifies the following:


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1. By December, 1888 Kohn was not listed as a director of the company.
2. Robertson dates the opening as November, 1879 with an official completion date of May 22, 18[8]0.