Just east of Schellville in the sloughs along Sonoma Creek is Sonoma Valley's ghost town of Wingo, CA . Originally known as Norfolk by the men and women who navigated the waterways, it is now known by the name used by the Sonoma Valley Railroad. Wingo once was a bustling train station for visitors arriving by steam boat from San Francisco, though now is just a cluster of cabins, workshops, barns and a train trestle.


Wingo is now part of the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The ghost town has been in the same family since the 1950's and the owner has a cabin there.

Wingo can only be reached by foot as automobiles are prohibited.


  • Starting at the Sonoma Plaza, head south on Broadway.
  • At the T-intersection cross Highway 121/Freemont Drive/Carneros Highway to Millerick Road.
  • Follow the country road through the sloughs to the gate and bird sanctuary sign.
  • Park and continue on foot a half-mile to the train trestle to Wingo.


Access via Millerick Road is blocked for cars - the floods brought in a lot of driftwood and the county has not cleared it.  You can climb over it, although it is a pain.

If you get a chance, report this blockage to the county at 707-565-5100.

You can also get there near the old cherry stand on highway 121 a couple of miles north of Sears Point.  The entrance is on the east side of the highway.  It is a private road and there are a lot of "No Trespassing" signs. 

Wingo is part of the Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area and is public land.  So the public should be able to access it.

If you ever get there, look at the top of the train trestle.  You will see graffiti advertising the dates of when the trestle was last raised.

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