Transition Southampton is committed to working with local communities, organisations and local government to help develop positive solutions that meet the imminent challenges of fossil fuel scarcity (‘Peak Oil’) and Climate Change. Above all, Transition Southampton has a positive vision of a resilient and sustainable future beyond the age of abundant fossil fuel energy.

Two of our big projects are the Repair Café and the TREEmendous Fruit Tree Project.

The Repair Café gives you a chance to get together with people to repair broken belongings, swap fixing skills, and have a cup of tea in the process. The Repair Café will be taking place at Freemantle United Reformed Church, and you can get the dates from our calendar.

Our TREEmendous project buys fruit trees in bulk at a reduced price and passes on the saving to local residents and community groups. In the past four years, over 350 fruit trees and fruit bushes have been planted in the Southampton and New Forest area through this bulk buy scheme and many trees were donated to local schools and community spaces. The project aims to create more local food in Southampton and create a virtual orchard across the city.