Provider Location Acupuncture Chiropractor Craniosacral Massage Osteopath Physiotherapy Reflexology Pilates
Dragonfly Release Blockhouse       X     X  
FluidMotion Physiotherapy Blockhouse           X    
Dr. Pierre Bachand, DC, DO(MP)
+1 902 527 2662
Bridgewater         X      
Harmony Health Bridgewater X     X X X    
Associate Chiropractic Centre Bridgewater X X            
Smith, Dr. William
+1 902-543-1660
[email protected]
Bridgewater   X            
Altitude Osteopathy Bridgewater         X      
Mosaic Healing Arts Bridgewater       X        
South Shore Wellness Bridgewater X   X X        
Bridgewater Physiotherapy Bridgewater       X   X    
Align Chiropractic Bridgewater   X   X        
East Coast Chiropractic & Rehab Bridgewater   X            
Sacred Healing Osteopathy Bridgewater         X      
TLC Massage Therapy Bridgewater       X        
Darlene Ricker Bridgewater       X        
The Stretch Fairy


On Track Physiotherapy Cookville X     X   X X  
Freedomwake Wellness Practice East La Have       X        
Kindred Spirits La Have       X        
La Have River Chiropractic La Have   X X          
Nova Functional Assessments Lunenburg X     X   X    
Lunenburg Chiropractic Lunenburg   X            
Lunenburg Physiotherapy Lunenburg           X   X
Jennifer Wilson R.M.T. Mahone Bay     X X        
Laura Bowles Mahone Bay       X        
Zenith Physio Pilates Mahone Bay X     X X X   X