Going for a walk or run with your dog can be one of the highlights to anyone's day so we thought it would be great to include a list of places where you can feel free to enjoy some time with your dog!

Lost Bridge Trail

This trail is one of the most popular in Springfield and it's great that is allows for walking with dogs! There is free parking on site and 5.6 miles worth of trail. 

Lewis Memorial Acres

Lewis memorial acres is a good spot for walking dogs. It's a short and sweet trail of 2 miles with plenty of trees and shade throughout. Because of all the trees there is a lot of wildlife including deer! For this trail it's important that dogs stay on their leash unless they are very well trained because it's a popular trail for cyclists. 

Wabash Trail

The Wabash trail is a great place to walk your dog and there is free parking close by. 

Interurban Trail

This trail is one of the may rail to trails in Springfield and is great for walking, running and biking because of the wide side walks.