Here is a list of the parks located withing the Springfield Park District. 


Hours of Operation:

All Park District parks open at dawn and close at 10:30pm

Exceptions: Riverside, Carpenter, Enos, Gehrmann or Gurgens Park: open at dawn and close at dusk

Patrick J. Cadigan Park

2300 Colony Park, 62704

Named after Park Board President Patrick J Cadigan. The park is a total of 4.3 acres. It was added to the park system in 1968. Park facilities include 1 ball field, a playground, and 2 horseshoe courts. The small open area can be used as a field for soccer practice.

Carpenter Park

#1 Carpenter Park Trail, 62707

Named after the Carpenters family who were important citizens of Sangamon County. Carpenter Park was added to the park district in 1921 and has 434 acres. A park road leads to a clearing with a parking lot, historic stone shelter, a picnic area and a map. This area serves visitors to the park and it provides basic trailhead facilities for the trail system within the park. The park is primarily used for hiking and nature observation.

Centennial Park

5751 Bunker Hill Road, New Berlin, 62670

Centennial Park was voted for and named for the Springfield Park Districts 100th anniversary. Centennial Park includes 190 acres and was added to the park district in 1997. There is a  small lake, 4 acres in the area. Beyond that is a sledding hill which is a hundred feet high. A playground, two picnic shelters, and outdoor picnic areas. Four ball fields are found in the park as well. An entrance and parking area serve a new large skateboard facility and several bocce ball courts are found here. A maintenance building is located in the park. The rest of the site is open fields.

Chamberlain Ball Park

319 South McCreery, 62703

Chamberlain Ball Park is a ball field and parking area that occupies about 10 acres. The site was transferred to the park district in 2002 from the city as part of the recreation merger agreement. The full-size lighted field has raised stadium seating. Shelters for shade, a concession building and restrooms are also found in this park. Chamberlain Ball Park is home to the Robert Morris Eagles baseball team and hosts several well known annual tournaments.

Comer Cox Park

301 Martin Luther King Dr., 62703

Comer Cox Park was named after former director of the Springfield Urban League. Comer Cox Park is about 6 acres in area and was originally established in 1976. Comer Cox Park contains two basketball courts, two tennis courts, a picnic shelter with restrooms, picnic areas, and two playgrounds.

Douglas Park

200 N. MacArthur, 62702

The park was named after Stephen A. Douglas, who was a famous U.S. Senator from 1847 until he died in 1861. Douglas Park is a 26-acre park and was added to the park system in 1920. The park has considerable topographic relief. A path for pedestrians is found in this park. The trail leads to the restrooms, playground, three picnic shelters and two tennis courts. A new disc golf course is found through the park. A sledding hill is also found inside of this park. There is also a Senior Citizen Center.

Dreamland Park

2300 Taylor Avenue, 62703

A 14-year-old named Courtney Ann Martin chose the name for the park. She chose the name because her grandfather used to often go to the original park. Dreamland Park is about 10 acres in area and was added to the park system in 1996. The park has little tree cover on the northern half, but the south is a dense forested area with steep topography. An stream is found that feeds a fishing pond. Dreamland Park offers primarily passive recreation facilities. The pond features a large fishing deck and a bridge over it. Three picnic shelters are scattered through the park, one near the pond and two overlooking the pond. One shelter is larger and has a viewing deck. A playground near the pond. A native prairie area is on the east side of the park. 1,625 feet of paved trails, many ADA accessible, interconnect the park facilities and are routed through the prairie for close viewing.

Eisenhower Park and Pool

2351 East Cornell, 62703

Eisenhower Park is named after Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States. Eisenhower Park was added to the park system in 1967-1968. The park is 20.1 acres and contains three ball fields with bleachers and a concessions stand with restrooms, a playground, and a park district maintenance building. Eisenhower Pool is located adjacent to Eisenhower Park. The Eisenhower Pool is the only year-round public pool in the community. South of the fields are several acres of woodland.

Enos Park

1000 North 7th, 62703

The Enos Park was named after Miss Susan P. Enos who donated the land. This 3.5 acre park became a part of the park system in 1905, making it one of the oldest neighborhood parks. Some of the adjacent homes are of an historic quality, and are undergoing restoration. Enos Park has character of the early era from when it was developed. Many large, old trees create a canopy over the park. The central area has a playground with some new equipment and a picnic shelter with restrooms.

Fairview Park

1901 North 19th Street, 62702

Fairview Park is a 9-acre park and was added to the park system in 1958. Fairview Park contains three ball diamonds. Other facilities include playground, a restroom and concession building, two horseshoe courts and a picnic area.

Gehrmann Park

1000-30 North 2nd Street, 62702

Gehrmann Park was named after Felix Gehrmann who was a meat packer and lived in Chicago. He was never a resident of Springfield but wanted to donate the 2.5-acre land to the Park District in memory of his family. Gehrmann Park is about 3 acres in area and was acquired by the Springfield Park District in 1945. Gehrmann Park has a playground, a restroom facility, and picnic tables scattered through the park. Large oak and maple trees through the park provide continuous overhead canopies in many areas.

Gietl Park

1900 Stanhope Road, 62702

Gietl Park was named after Louis Gietl, Sr. who was a past Park Trustee. Gietl Park includes 11.7 acres of land and was acquired in 1968. Gietl Park includes Veterans Memorial Pool, three ball diamonds, a soccer field, and a playground..

Gurgens Park

IL 124 and Loop I-55, RR#5 Springfield, 62707

Gurgens Park includes 270 acres of land and was purchased in 1970. Gurgens Park is in the flood plain of the Sangamon River. Roughly 2/3 of the site is bottomland forest. The remaining is former farm fields that are being converted into forest and prairie. The Friends of Sangamon Valley and other groups are working to plant native species and control invasive plants.

Henson Robinson Children's Zoo

1100 East Lake Dr, 62711

Phone: 217-585-1821

Fax: 217-529-8748

The Henson Robinson Zoo houses more than 80 different native and exotic animals including a zoo and fish.  The Zoo Choo Train takes you for a ride around the park, or you can visit the amphitheater. For more information see the website linked above.

Hobbs Park

2851 Fox Bridge Road, 62703

Hobbs park is named in honor of John W. Hobbs for his recognition and support of the Khoury League Baseball Program. Hobbs Park is a 7.2 acre park and was acquired in 1963. This park is dedicated to ball diamonds. The park has movable bleachers. A small playground can be found near a concession and restroom in the park.

Iles Park

2000 South 6th Street, 62703

Iles Park was named for Elijah Iles after his heirs donated his land. Iles Park is one of the oldest city parks and this 10.5 acre park was acquired in 1903. This park has a variety of recreational facilities and features including many big trees that provide an attractive visual quality to the park and surrounding area. The park is a popular lunch location for people in nearby offices. A focal feature of the park is the stone picnic shelter. A small picnic shelter, playground, ball field, pickleball courts, horseshoe courts and restrooms can be found.

Indian Hills Park

Miami Trail and Tonica Drive, 62702

Indian Hills Park is named for the subdivision it is located in. Indian Hills Park is 9-acres in area and was acquired in the 1976. A drainageway and wooden thicket can be found on this property. This neighborhood park has several facilities. A ball diamond with dugouts, bleachers and a scoreboard are located in the park. Two tennis courts, picnic shelter, playground and open space can also be found in this park.

Jaycee Park

2400 E Monroe, 62703

It was named Jaycee Park in honor of the Jaycee group members that vowed to improve the park. Jaycee Park includes about 13 acres and was added to the district in 1951. Large trees line the streets and a group of trees are near the playground and picnic area. Ball diamonds are located in three corners of the park. A picnic shelter with restrooms and a playground can be found in the area. The central areas of the park provide open space, useable for casual field games of soccer and football and for open play activities.

Jefferson Park

300 South Oxford, 62704

Jefferson Park is named after the nearby subdivision. Jefferson Park is a 20-acre park and was added to the park system in 1968. The site is mostly open and relatively flat but slopes steeply into the woods to the east side. The park has two ball diamonds and a small playground. The remainder of the area is mostly open space.

Kennedy Park

401 Walnut Valley Drive, 62702

This Park was named after John and Robert Kennedy. Kennedy Park includes 27 acres and was added to the park district in 1988. Kennedy Park is developed primarily for sports activity. Three baseball fields can be found with two soccer fields overlapping portions of a diamond. Additionally the park contains a cricket and rugby field with a new large picnic shelter. A concession and storage building and a playground are located in the park as well. The park is heavily used during baseball and soccer seasons.

Kiwanis Park

3050 Stanton Drive, 62703

Kiwanis Park was named after the Springfield Downtown Kiwanis club for their generous contribution to start funding for the park. Kiwanis Park includes 10 acres and became part of the park system in 1978. Kiwanis Park is primarily a sports park but also serves as a neighborhood park for the area. It has one ball field and one soccer field. Additionally it has a small picnic area and playground.

Lake Victoria Park

3055 Normandy Road, 62703

This park is named for the nearby subdivision. Lake Victoria Park includes about 9 acres, and the 4-acre detention lake is encircled by a paved walkway with an arched bridge over the lake. Benches are scattered along the narrow walkway. A small picnic shelter can be found.

Lanphier Park

1415 North Grand Avenue East, 62702

Lanphier Park was transferred to the park district in 2002 from the city. The park is occupied by the Robin Roberts Stadium, a 5,200-seat baseball stadium, an office, maintenance building and a players' club house support the stadium activities. The other part of the park has a picnic shelter, six lighted tennis courts, a paddle tennis court, two full-size basketball courts and small facilities including a shuffleboard and horseshoe courts. The park is traditionally used for holiday events including a Santa House and Easter egg hunts.

Lawless Park

1500 N 11th Street, 62702

Lawless Park named after Springfield’s own David Lawless, who wanted to instill important life qualities in young men, through baseball and other activities. This site has four baseball diamonds that are primarily used for league play. A pavilion and restroom facilities are centrally located in the park as well.

Lincoln Park

1601 North 5th Street, 62702

It was named after President Abraham Lincoln who was from Springfield and the 16th president of the United States. Lincoln Park is an 88-acre site added to the park district in 1905. This is one of the historic parks, developed as termini of the urban trolley line in use at the time. The site includes relatively flat, open areas and also forested land. It has a variety of passive and active recreational facilities. It is one of the heaviest used parks in the district. The roadway network, trails and open space are used for walking, running, bicycling, training, and school district cross-country meets. The  park contains a soccer field, six ball diamonds, three tennis courts, three shuffleboard courts and twenty-one horseshoe courts. Also in this area, the Nelson Recreation Center contains an outdoor swimming pool, two indoor ice rinks, rooms for special events, a concession area and restrooms. Near the building is a small bandstand, a picnic area with shelters and a large playground. In the park, the historic stone pavilion is sited prominently on a hillside. A small playground is nearby. The historic stone bridge to the south spans a lagoon. A disc golf course surrounds the lagoon and extends to the open meadow on the south. A second disc golf course is located on the North section of the park as well.

Lindbergh Park

2419 Lindbergh Boulevard, 62704

This park was name after Charles and Anne Lindbergh. Lindbergh Park includes about 16 acres and was added to the park system in 1991. Lindbergh Park contains two baseball fields, two soccer fields, one tennis court, a playground and picnic area. Trees within the park are small, but some mature trees exist.

Paul A. Barker Park

2008 Barnard Drive, 62703

The Paul A. Barker Park site was donated to the Springfield Park District by the Paul Barker Trust in 2005.  This 26-acre area was developed during the 1970s and 1980s. Many components in the first phase of this proposed park were completed in May of 2015 and include Paul A. Barker Park signage, a picnic shelter with tables, benches, tons of trees that were planted and six acres of green space for residents to enjoy. A dog park was included in a recent request.

Robin Roberts Stadium

1415 N Grand Ave, 62702

Phone: 217-753-0700

This 5,200-seat baseball stadium is has an office and maintenance building and a players' club house. This irrigated ball field is home of two collegiate level baseball programs and several well know annual baseball tournaments. Springfield Sliders is is one of the collegiate level baseball teams.

Riverside Park

4700 Peoria Road, 62707

Riverside Park includes 470 acres and it transferred to the park district in 2002. Riverside Park consists of some upland forest and a great deal of lowland forest. A public campground is situated in the park. It offers thirteen campsites with sewer, water and electric hook-ups, eighty-seven campsites with water and electric hook-ups, and areas for primitive camping. Two shower houses with restrooms are provided. A BMX Club track and associated sheds for storage can be found in the park as well as eight baseball fields, areas for bank fishing and hiking.

Rotary Park

4501 West Iles Avenue, 62711

Rotary Park is named for its’ service club. Rotary Park is a 40 acre park and was added to the park system in 1994. The park includes three baseball fields, two tennis courts, soccer and football fields and a half-court basketball court. A picnic shelter can be found with concessions, restrooms, and picnic shelter. A 4,000 foot pedestrian trail interconnects the park facilities. The park is typically used for league sports.

Schlitt Park

1100 Avon Drive, 62704

This park was named after Fred P. Schlitt, who was a past Park Board President. Schlitt Park is a 5-acre neighborhood park and it was added to the park system in 1971. Schlitt Park contains two baseball fields, a concession building with restrooms, a drinking fountain, and some trees.

Southwind Park

4965 South Second Street, 62703

Southwind Park was named after Edwin Watts who was a lifelong resident in Sangamon County. It is an 80-acre park and it was added to the park district in 2004. Every area exceeds ADA accessibility requirements. Erin's Pavilion is a Platinum LEED certified building. Other eco-friendly features include wetlands, a wind turbine, solar panels and a geothermal system. Southwind Park includes three fishing piers, a gazebo, one of the city’s largest playgrounds, five picnic shelters, bocce ball court, horseshoe pits, shuffleboard courts, The Great Lawn, five sensory gardens, an urban trail and navigation system, and a tram.

Stuart Park

1800 Winch Lane, 62702

Stuart Park is 38 acres and was added to the park district in 1988. The land is leased from the Springfield Airport Authority at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. Stuart Park includess two ball fields, a soccer field that overlaps one ball field, a picnic shelter, playground, and a prairie planting. A trail and maintenance road leads from the southern parking area to the southwest where 2 dog park areas and a pond are located.

Timberbrooke Park

2003 West Washington Street, 62704

Timberbrooke is the name for the subdivision in which the park is located. Timberbrooke Park is an 18-acre site that was added to the park district in 1977. The site is primarily wooded and a stream runs through it. Access is by foot only and the park is used for hiking and open space activities.

Vredenburgh Park

100 Crusaders Road, 62704

Vredenburgh Park is located in the Sherwood Subdivision and is an 8.5-acre site added to the park district in 1974. The park contains a ball diamond, a playground, a basketball court and a large open area.. A few trees are scattered through the park.

Washington Park

1501 South Grand West, 62704

The park is named after President George Washington. Washington Park is a 150-acre site added to the park district in 1901. This is one of the historic parks, developed as termini of the urban trolley line in use at the time. Designed by Ossian Simonds, noted for his naturalistic style of landscape design, the park is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the most heavily used parks in the district. Families come here to spend time together. The park has rolling terrain, large trees and wooded areas, some deep ravines and two man-made lagoons. Pedestrians use the park roads as well for walking, running, bicycling, etc. Additional off-road trails are provided for hiking through some areas of the park. The park is primarily for passive recreational activity, although centered in the park is a twelve tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, and a pro-shop. There is also a large playground and a large pavilion with ADA accessible restrooms. Historic features within the park include the large, enclosed pavilion, a band pavilion and a lagoon. Washington Park is also home to the Washington Park Botanical Gardens and Rees Memorial Carillon. 

Washington Park Scenery; April 26th, 2019; Washington Park, Springfield IL.Washington Park Lagoon; April 26th, 2019; Washington Park, Springfield, IL.

Westchester Park

Westchester Blvd and Danbury Drive, 62704

Westchester Park is an 11-acre site added to the park district in 1965. The park is a commons between residences and serves as a drainageway for the area. The park is only accessible by pedestrians. It has a picnic area and playground. The rest of the park is turf with scattered trees. The paved drainage ditch runs through the central area. An open area is available for limited open space activities.