Washington Park ** Town Favorite **

Where: 1501 South Grand West, Springfield, Il, 72704

Washington park is a beautiful park situated in the heart of Springfield and it's terrain is diverse so all three activities, walking hiking and running are possible! This park is especially good for biking because of the wide, steady sidewalks all around the park. 


Carpenter Park ** Town Favorite**

Carpenter Park - February

Where: 1 Carpenter Park Trail, Springfield, 62707

Trail length: 11.4 miles

Carpenter Park is a highly population in Springfield and it the biggest park which means you can walk or run here for hours and still have more places to explore. Carpenter Park is one of the best places you can go in Springfield for hiking because it has some cliffs and high terrain. There is a river which run through this park which makes it even more beautiful and fills it with a wider variety of nature. 


Lincoln Park 

Where: N 1st St, Springfield, 62702

Lincoln Park is one of the smallest in Springfield so it's perfect for a quick walk or run in under an hour. The park is full of trees, flowers and wildlife so it's a gorgeous place to be at any time of year.


Forsyth Park

Where: 343 Forsyth Pkwy, Forsyth, Il, 62535

Forsyth is another smaller park which has great trails and sidewalks for walking, running or biking!