At a press conference just after 3pm CDT on Saturday 8/16, Gov. Jay Nixon announced that he declared a state of emergency and a curfew.

Executive Order 14-08 establishes the curfew and delegates all operational control to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Capt Ron Johnson announced the curfew would run from 12am - 5am beginning the night of 8/16

Media will have access to a "Media Staging Area" from which to cover the curfew, said Gov. Nixon.

The No-fly zone remains in effect.

The curfew is supported by popular community leader and elected official Antonio French.

The area of the curfew has not been confirmed by official sources, but protesters said they might move demonstrations out of the Ferguson area into neighboring suburbs nearby. As of 6:23 pm CDT 8/16, reports of "word on the street" that protests will move south to Jennings to avoid the curfew.

First Night 8/16

7 people were arrested.

1 person was shot and taken to a hospital. Witness video says a man was shot twice in the stomach. They were reported to be in critical condition.

Second Night 8/17

The curfew will be in place Sunday night.

Monday 8/18

In a press release, Gov. Nixon said "we will not use a curfew tonight." The National Guard will be protecting the police command center.

Other recent curfews

The LA Times reports on the use of curfews in response to other events in the US in recent years.