Here is some information about Ferguson elected officials.

One of the facts that's been floating around is how Ferguson is a predominantly black city and yet the police force and government are overwhelmingly white. Here's a Slate article looking at this issue. Their conclusion: turnout and mobilization: "Ferguson is roughly two-thirds black, but compared with the city’s whites, the community is younger, poorer (the city has a 22 percent poverty rate overall), and, as the New York Times recently wrote, somewhat transient, prone to moving “from apartment to apartment.” All of these factors make black residents less likely to go to the polls, especially in low-turnout municipal elections. And so whites dominate politically. “The entire mobilization side of it is what accounts for the difference,” Kimball said."


Honorable James Knowles III (

Elected: Apr 05, 2011 (

First term: Yes

Email: [email protected]



State Representative

Sharon Pace, Democrat, District 074 (

Elected: November 2008

First term: No

Terms served: three (3)

Email: [email protected] 


U. S. Representative

Congressman William Lacy Clay, 1st District (

Elected: January 3rd, 2001