The Ferguson Police Department has recently gotten funding for dash cams body cams (cameras that are worn on the uniform). But they haven't started to use either yet. According to this article, they haven't yet started using the body cams.

And according to Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson, they're not using the dashcams either:

"What Jackson could clarify, however, is that there is no dashcam video of the shooting of the unarmed, 18-year-old  Brown. The department does not have cameras in its 18 cruisers. They received a Department of Justice grant this year for two dash cams and two officer cameras – but the dash cams have not yet been installed." [source]

Policy change

In Hawthorne, CA, the mayor ordered police officers to begin using body cameras due in part to Michael Brown's shooting.

On Tuesday, 8/19, the City of Ferguson announced its commitment to buy cameras for both patrol cars and officers.