The Ferguson QuikTrip (or just the QT) was a convenience store and gas station located at 9420 W Florissant Ave (at Northwinds Estates Drive) in Ferguson, MO. The business was heavily damaged in the events of August 2014.

This site has been "ground zero" for the recurring nightly protests and demonstrations against the police.

Clean Up

During the day, neighborhood volunteers have been cleaning up the debris. A St. Louis Post-Dispatch story describes the efforts of several church congregations to clean up the location.

As of 8/14, work crews erected fencing around the building (photo) ahead of the start of the official clean up.

People's Park


As of Saturday 8/16, a sign had been painted on the remains of the building saying "QT People's Park, liberated 8/10/14". The atmosphere was described as "essentially, a town square".

Writing on the structure lists the names and dates of other influential popular protest actions of the past century.


Shut Down

During the day Monday 8/18, following the second night of the Curfew, police were stationed in the parking lot of the QuikTrip preventing anyone from assembling. Laurie Skrivan tweeted "police tell protestors and media they can't stand at QT. have to keep walking".

Workers were seen building a fence around the parking lot:


Huffington Post 8/18: "Police Block Off QuikTrip, A Central Gathering Location In Ferguson Protests"

On Monday 8/18, gas was removed from the underground storage tanks.

As of 8/19, Wesley Lowery described: 'The "QT People's Park - a rallying point and town square of sorts - completely fenced in and shut down' (with photo).

Lowery wrote a longer profile of the QT People's Park and the role it has played in the protests in the Washington Post published 2014-08-19.