Here's a timeline of events relating to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Wikipedia has an excellent timeline, but we can supplement it with more information! Here is another well-sourced timeline.

This is just a start, please feel free to add as much information as you like and links! We can start by consolidating info from Chronology, Ferguson Police Response, and Curfew.

August 9 (Saturday, Day 1)

Shooting of Michael Brown

August 10 (Sunday, Day 2)


August 11 (Monday, Day 3)


August 12 (Tuesday, Day 4)


August 13 (Wednesday, Day 5)


August 14 (Thursday, Day 6)


August 15 (Friday, Day 7)

Here's a detailed storify of the events of Fri. evening with pictures and video.

Here's an article with more on what happened.

August 16 (Saturday, Day 8)

The National Weather Service is predicting showers and thunderstorms starting around 9pm "accompanied by heavy downpours and lightning".

7pm - police begin blocking off W. Florissant Ave and Ferguson Ave

8:19pm"Annnnnnnd we've got rain."

August 17 (Sunday, Day 9)

Overnight there were 7 arrests and 1 person shot

Here's a good timeline of Aug. 17th.

August 18 (Monday, Day 10)

Governor Nixon dispatches the National Guard.

There's a good timeline of Aug. 18th at Mashable.

August 19 (Tuesday, Day 11)

Officers blocking freeway exit that leads into Ferguson.

A second officer-involved shooting was reported about 4 miles from Ferguson.

Demonstration at the office building of St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. Vine