Since the police shooting death of Michael Brown on August 9, a series of protests, rallies, and demonstrations have continued almost continuously.

There are also Nationwide Michael Brown Protests (help document them on that page!).

Students at nearby Howard University with their hands up in protest on 8/13. via 


  • Quick Trip
  • Police Department
    • Thursday afternoon 8/14, over 200 protesters are reported to be marching to the police station (source)
  • Churches
  • West Florissant Avenue
    • Monday 2014-08-18, police were threatening to arrest anyone who stopped on the street in any one place for too long. The protesters - and journalists - were forced to keep walking if they wanted to be in the area. Here's a video of the march.

Slogans & Chants

The following slogans have become symbolic of the demonstrations:

  • Hands up, don't shoot
  • No justice, no peace
  • Fuck the police
  • Hell no, we won't go until you free Antonio (source)
  • Who shot Mike Brown, you shot Mike Brown (source)
  • No justice, no curfew
  • Hey hey, ho ho, those killer cops have got to go (source)
  • No justice, no peace. No racist police.
  • Who do you serve? Who do you protect?
  • Who are we? Mike Brown. Who are we? Mike brown.
  • No justice, no sleep. (source)
  • We want justice, here's your peace (source)

Effects on Local Stores


Nearby grocery stores have posted reduced hours for the coming days. Much of the action has happened at night when protesters and police clash.

Other businesses remain open despite boarded up windows.

Sam's Meat Market, located near the scene of nightly protests (source)


St Louis

protestors gather in support of the Ferguson community in St. Louis [BrianHeff]St. Louis Detective Kevin Bentley mingling with crowd [ryanjreilly]



National Demonstrations of Solidarity and memorial vigils are being planned across the country. See this google doc for a list of upcoming memorials and the National Moment of Silence on facebook.