Mya Aaten-White is a Howard University graduate and one of the protesters and citizen-reporters in Ferguson. She was shot in the head by police while in her car (confirm please?). She is in stable condition and is expected to live.

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Reports on twitter say (onetwothree) that a protester was shot in the head by the police when she was in her car. Here's a video of two protesters talking to police when one of them says "There was a lady that got her...errr shot in the" He trails off and the officer next to him covers his mouth.

Here's a tweet that includes the protester's name.

Here's an article about her.

On 8/20, 8 days after she was shot, Aaten-White says police still have not interviewed her.

Woman shot during protest called 911 multiple times, says police response lacking, KMOV, August 21, 2014