Palestinian's from Gaza with tips on managing teargas.

Transcribed from this twitter timeline put together by twitter user @sarahjeong from tweets by @OaklandElle:

  1. cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth. Particulates will stick to it, instead of your mucus membranes. paint respirators work in addition to full gas masks.

  2. pool goggles can be used to cover eyes

  3. a solution of 50/50 liquid antacid & water (LAW) can be used to rinse eyes.

  4. make sure to rinse off in a cold shower when you get home. Heat can reactivate residue.

  5. store garments that have been exposed in a plastic bag until you can launder them to keep contaminants contained.

  6. try to keep calm, and regulate your breathing. Keep an eye out for anyone having an asthma attack.

  7. walk, don't run. Running increases your rate of respiration, & also your chances of injury to self & others.

Gaza Strip Tweets Ferguson About How to Deal With Tear Gas - International Business Times

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In Turkey, some protesters systematically trapped incoming teargas canisters in 5 gallon water containers.