This page documents the violence that has errupted in the aftermath of the Michael Brown Protests.

2014-08-13 Howard University student Mya Aaten-White was shot (with what?) in the head while in her car. Police claim it was a drive-by shooting but other reports claim it was the police.

2014-08-14 Woman who earlier was attempting to calm the crowd suffers a rubber bullet wound from police:

2014-08-17 "Keshonda James says a tear gas canister shattered her windshield & cut her as she was driving away from police" [source]

2014-08-17 "Cassandra Roberts gassed, helped by strangers in Ferguson" [source]

2014-08-18 shot by police

2014-08-19 unknown fatally shot by police

2014-08-20 woman giving out bottled water was pepper sprayed [source]


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