Nimisila Reservoir
July 2013, at Nimisila Reservoir's North Ramp (near Caston Road), looking South.

5243 Christman Rd,

Akron, OH 44319

Coordinates: 40.94412,-81.528196

Nimisila Reservoir is a man-made lake located in southern Summit County. It is part of Portage Lakes State Park, although it is not connected to the main lakes.


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ODNR Contour Map

ODNR Enhanced Contour Map

Features & Facilities

  • Campground
  • 11 parking areas
  • 4 boat launch ramps (3 publicly accessible,
    1 available through the campground)
  • Bathrooms
  • Shore fishing access
  • Bald eagle nests

NOTE: Boats must use electric motors only (unlike Mogadore Reservoir -- which requires that boats do not have a gas motor on board -- gas motors are allowed to remain on boats while on Nimisila Reservoir, you just can't run them on the lake).


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Airplane Crash

On July 28, 1943 a Corsair FG-1 fighter plane crash landed in Nimisila Reservoir, the pilot was able to parachute to safety. The airplane remained underwater for two days before the wreckage was completely recovered.