Have you ever driven through the northern edge of the Merriman Valley on a warm, humid day with your windows down?  You may smell KB Compost or Akron's sewage treatment plant, both located in between Akron-Peninsula Road and Riverview Road. There was a time when you could smell it from Summit Mall.  Currently, odors are contained and controlled with 12 two-stage packed tower scrubbers, reducing odors by 80%.  Drive too close on the road or the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail and you're guaranteed to smell it.  Every so often if the wind is right you can smell the facilities from the Merriman Valley business district, or even Highland Square.  Technology is cutting the smell back quickly so expect it to get better still even from the Towpath.  Please note that the smell is NOT related to Akron's ongoing CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) problem.