Barangaroo is also the name given to the part of Sydney Harbour Foreshore to be developed into a giant office block complex and nature reserve (or park headland). The NSW State Government, by an act of parliament, has created the Barangaroo Delivery Authority, or BDA, as it's agent, to manage the tender process, comprising design, build and manage. 

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Declaration of interest: Sydney Wiki committee member Glen Frost submitted a proposal to the Barangaroo DeliveryAuthority when the BDA asked the public for their ideas and suggestions. This submission process occured before the March 2011 NSW State election. No formal process has been No commercial use permittedundertaken by BDA to publish any submissions (needs fact check). Glen Frost's submission suggested that BDA/NSW Government launch an international competition, similar to the international competition launched for the Sydney Opera House in the late 1950's in Sydney (fact check date). Glen Frost's submission to the Barangaroo Development Authority is available here: