Bogey Hole Bronte BeachThe 'Bogey Hole' is a beautiful semi enclosed rockpool at the southern end of Bronte Beach, in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.  A semi-circle of large rocks creates a protected area with little to no waves (except of course in high-tide) making it perfect for wading, snorkelling & kids.

The rockpool is a safe haven for fish and schools of small and even larger fish can Great for kids, Bogey Hole Brontebeen found here throughout the year.  The rockpool and surrounding area is a Marine Park so fishing or spearfishing is not allowed. The quiet waters of the Bogey Hole make this end of Bronte Beach preferred end of the beach for small children & families. 


Not to be confused with the cafe by the same name which is just across from the beach on the Bronte cafe strip.